Photography And Design Australia

The Studio Works Contact Pricing About The Studio Photography And Design Australia own a dedicated, fully equipped premium photography/video studio space with a large cyclorama. The space is perfect for high quality fashion shoots, e-commerce or product shoots, glamour and portraits, music video produc on, recorded video presenta ons and other content crea on. The studio space is available to hire with your own photographer/videographer or with as Richard Dodson the professional photographer for your project. Hire periods include use of ligh ng and equipment at no addi onal cost. Equipment is of the highest professional calibre. To make your shoot a breeze, all ligh ng will be set for you so that you achieve your desired look and the studio manager will help for the en re dura on. The Cyclorama measures: 7 metres wide x 4 metres high x 4 metres deep, which is enough space for very large products or groups of people. For detailed informa on and more images of the studio, please download the full StudioDocument, including a list of equipment. Full Studio Document The Studiooffers: A3-walled Cyclorama for wide-angle shots and video panning. Purpose-built all black surrounds, with no skylights make a pitch-black interior to stop room reflec ons and completely control all ligh ng. A7metre high ceiling offering immense roomoverhead towork and for all kinds of ligh ng styles. Fully equippedwith high quality ligh ng, modifiers, backgrounds and stands. Private change areaswith large full-lengthmirrors. A kitchene ewith tea&coffee facili es. Comfortable sea ng areawith designer furniture. Space for hair andmake-up and for garment steaming. Clean andmodern rest-room. Easy loadingwith an electric container-sized roller-door. Ample free and safe parking for both cars and trucks. Close to food outlets and public transport. Click for Video